Software I Use

The following is a list of software packages that I use and highly recommend. If a piece of software is not on this list, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like it or that I won’t provide training on its use. This is just a list of programs that are on my PC and ones which I wouldn’t want to be without. The following list is comprised of Windows software. I will eventually have another list of iOS apps which I use.

Nonvisual Desktop Access is a free and open source screen reader from NV Access. It’s small in size, free, responsive and reliable. I give it my highest endorsement.

A free and open source office suite, similar to Microsoft Office. Version 4.1 has built-in accessibility which, in theory, will work well with screen readers which properly support the IAccessible2 code.

Another free, open source office suite. Its accessibility is a tad behind OpenOffice right now but it’s slowly catching up and TDF has a rapid release schedule, allowing for regular updates.

an amazing, free, open source email program. It’s the only one you’ll ever need.

Free and customizable Web browser.

A free word processor, based on Wordpad but with extra bells and whistles including a spell checker.

Microsoft Office 365

Still the best Office suite for the best accessibility.

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