Free Computer Help and Support Resources for the Visually Impaired

One of the phone meetings of the Philadelphia Computer Users’ Group for the Blind and Visually Impaired discussed various resources available to obtain free technical help. I compiled a list of the resources which I use and ones which were mentioned by other callers. I am placing it on this Web site for anyone who might find it of some value.

Microsoft Disability Help DeskMicrosoft Disability Help Desk

800 936-5900




Apple Accessibility Help

877 204-3930



Chicago Lighthouse Helpdesk

screen readers including NVDA, Daisy book players, notetakers

888 825-0080



Freedom Scientific (JAWS, MAGic, OpenBook, Focus, Pac Mate, various magnifiers and Plextalk Pocket)

(727) 803-8600



AI Squared

Zoomtext and Window-Eyes

(802) 362-3612



Window-Eyes Online Support (including knowledge base and mailing lists)




English users’ mailing List

To join the users’ list, send a blank email to:

with the word


in the subject line.




800 722-3393


Verizon Wireless

Help for consumers with disabilities

(888) 262- 1999,










American Printing House for the Blind (Bookport Plus)

800 223-1839



Freelists (various discussion groups or mailing lists)



Yahoo Groups (mailing lists)



Google Groups (mailing lists)



Microsoft Community

For help with Windows, Office and other Microsoft products



Applevis (for all things Apple)






JAWS Technical Support Page



JAWS Users Mailing Lists



Android Access (online community)



JAWS Headquarters



Access Technology Institute (to purchase training textbooks and online training classes)






phone 855-270-0379


Comcast Accessibility Support



All Hotkeys Keyboard Shortcuts




keyboard shortcut lists



Shortcut World

hotkey lists





Blind Geek Zone



VIP conduit

voice Chat with others online



For the People

Another voice-chat site, may be a good resource for online help




Accessible World

Offers various conferences online, including Tek Talk where products are demonstrated



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