Organizations I Support


what follows is a list of organizations doing work which I think is important.

Priests for Life
Educating people about abortion, euthanasia and embryonic stem cell research

National Right to Life committee
Another excellent pro-life organization

Catholic Answers
One of the best sources for Catholic apologetics and evangelization. If you have a Catholic question, the chances are good that this site will have the Catholic answer you’re looking for.

Eternal Word Television Network
EWTN offers Catholic programming 24/7 via TV, radio and the Internet. Their library and Q&A sections contain tons of great information about the Catholic faith.

My favorite online library. It allows people who are blind or who have other qualifying disabilities to download books. The site contains nearly 400,000 titles.


Learning Ally

Another online library with books you may not find elsewhere.



NV Access
Producers of the free and open source NVDA screen reader, which I use daily.

Computers for the Blind

This organization provides affordable, refurbished computers for consumers who are blind or visually impaired. Software to make the computer accessible is included.




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