Discussion Group Regarding Accessibility of Internet-based TV Apps and Services

Like many blind people, I grew up enjoying television along with my sighted peers and watched/listened to TV programs on a daily basis along with audio drama and the radio in general. I had lots of shows I looked forward to, even if they were sometimes so visual that I had no clue as to what was happening in some scenes.
With Internet-based TV, we are now able to enjoy many of today’s TV shows not only on our TV but on our accessible devices, such as an iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, etc. In many cases, we are not limited to just today’s programs but we can also enjoy many of the classic shows we grew up with, such as I Love Lucy, Lost in Space and, last but most certainly not least, Star Trek, along with many others. This new freedom comes with various accessibility challenges, as some apps are more of a challenge to use than others. To that end, I have set up a mailing list for the purpose of discussing accessibility issues with Internet-based TV services. I’m not so much interested in discussing specific shows and so I’d prefer to not have messages talking about how a specific Trek episode was so much better than some other episode. However, I would like this list to facilitate discussion with questions, answers, tips and tricks for using your favorite Internet TV service with speech, Braille or low vision solutions.
In the event that we find apps and services to be less than accessible or usable, I would also like this list to facilitate some advocacy whereby we can contact the developers of these services to alert them of accessibility issues or relevant bugs.
To subscribe, send an email message to
In the subject field of the message, type the word
and then send the message. I look forward to your participation.

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