Antimalware Software Accessibility discussion Group

I posted a message to several discussion groups expressing my frustration regarding the lack of accessibility of many antimalware packages with screen readers. These programs are absolutely essential to ensure that your computer is as secure as it can be, particularly if you’re running the Windows operating system. Visually impaired users of screen readers need to be able to access all of the dialogs and various sections of the program in order to operate them independently. Sadly, many users report that some of these programs are not totally accessible with screen reading software. While my time and resources are extremely limited, I wanted to at least do what I could to see what we, as a community, could do to perhaps rectify this problem. To that end, I have set up a mailing list to facilitate this discussion.
To subscribe to the list, send an email to
In the subject line, type
and send the message.
Once you are subscribed to the list, you can send a public message to the group at the email address
Again, my resources are limited and I am not trying to be a leader in this project. I don’t have access to a backup computer that I could easily use for testing these packages.
This list has been set up for users of these various antimalware programs to discuss what is working for them and what is not. Perhaps we can also use this list to facilitate some organized advocacy in order to contact the producers of these programs to let them know that their programs are not always as accessible as they can be. I look forward to your participation in this discussion.

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2 thoughts on “Antimalware Software Accessibility discussion Group

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  2. For the longest time I had been using Comodo Antivirus and internet security.. Only to discover that versions made after 2014 were getting worse and worse when it comes to accessibility. Also AVG which I just tested a few minutes is not accessible at all atleast the latest release isn’t. The installer reminds me so much of the later versions of the installer for Avast starting with 7.0. It’s shameful that screen reader developers are not really pushing the envelope with the developers of computer security software to make their products more user friendly for someone who has to use screen reading software. Now one that I have found that isn’t windows deffender or microsoft security essentials and is user friendly is Vipre internet security and antivirus. This I have tested and found to work very well. I guess what I am trying to say in conclusion to this comment is that if the developers of security software for pc’s don’t want to change their software atleast keep the installer accessible and offer an environment such as the classic mode for a popular server based voice client teamtalk. Basically my idea would be to in the installer have an option for example avast’s latest version would have a option that gives you all of the same features of the current avast program but with either your choice of the avast 4.8 interface or the avast 5.0 interface. Both of which Jaws and NVDA would be able to work with.

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