You Can Now Access the New GPT-powered Bing Chat in Any Browser Thanks to a Browser Extension

Officially, you need to use Microsoft Edge in order to access the new GPT-powered Bing Chat. This is fine if Edge happens to be your Web browser of choice. If you’re like me and would prefer to use another browser you can still access the new Bing Chat with some browser extensions. The extension that I installed and now successfully use is called Bing Chat for All Browsers. There is both a Chrome version as well as a version for Firefox. The Chrome version should work in any Chromium-based browser. I installed it in my instance of Brave, which happens to be my preferred browser due to its emphasis on user privacy. I have not tested the version for Firefox.

After I installed the extension I set up shift+alt+C as a keyboard shortcut to open the extension. You can set up shortcuts for your installed Chrome extensions by doing the following.

Press ctrl+L or alt+D to move to the browser’s address bar.



followed by the enter key.

On the resulting page you will find edit fields to enter keyboard shortcuts for your various extensions.

Here are the direct links for this extension.

Chrome and Chromium-based browsers


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