Training Resources For Learning How to Use Microsoft Teams With a Screen Reader

Earlier today I received an email from someone asking if I knew of specific resources for learning how to use Microsoft Teams with a screen reader. I provided her with some resources and thought I would share them publicly in the event that they may be of value to other Teams users.

Brian Hartgen has produced some excellent JAWS scripts for Teams. They are not free of cost but in my opinion are worth considering. He also produced a training course called Winning Teams. The course includes these scripts.

Doug Lee has produced some free JAWS scripts for Teams. It’s been a while since I’ve used them and so I can’t provide any feedback as to the current version since I chose to use Brian Hartgen’s scripts.

Freedom Scientific has conducted at least two webinars on using Teams.

Additional Short Videos From Freedom Scientific:

Navigating Microsoft Teams with JAWS 2021

Chatting in Microsoft Teams with JAWS 2021

Microsoft has more than a few support pages for using Teams with a screen reader. If you search for using teams with a screen reader

Using your preferred search engine you’ll surely find many relevant pages. This assumes that your search engine of choice honors the site: prefix for specifying a Web site to search.

Sight and Sound Technology Webinar

Webinar From APH

From Microsoft

as well as

Accessibility Learning Webinar Series: Using Teams for Remote Work for Blind and Low Vision Users by MSFTEnable

From Dr. Denise Robinson

Finally, while I am not able to provide one on one support I own and moderate the Teams-access mailing list where you can ask questions or offer support to other users of Microsoft Teams.

Please feel free to leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you.

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