Positive Experiences Using The AIRA App

Yesterday I had occasion to use the AIRA app several times. First I needed it to assist me with some accessibility challenges that I was experiencing on the Rite Aid Web site. I was filling out information for my Covid-19 booster shot which was scheduled for later that afternoon. There was a section of the form that I had some difficulty in completing and AIRA was able to come to the rescue, accessing my computer using Teamviewer to assist me. After that there was a section where I needed to upload a picture of both the front as well as the back of my medical insurance card. I was about to give up and tell Rite Aid that I was unable to complete the form and to just let them process my card once I arrived in person. However, an idea came to me. I contacted AIRA again and asked the agent if she could take a picture of the front and back of the card and email those pictures to me with clear titles of Front of Card and Back of Card. AIRA is able to remotely access the phone’s camera and can also email items to the customer as attachments. This was done in less than two minutes. Not only could I then upload the correct pictures but I now have the added benefit of having those pictures if I ever need to perform a similar task in the future, knowing that the images are perfect.

Once I arrived at the Rite Aid to get my booster I used AIRA to assist me in finding the front door, navigating to the pharmacy and then I called them once I had my vaccine to get assistance in navigating back to the front door. It really is a remarkable service and I’m very thankful that we have it available.

I’m equally thankful that I can now say that I’m fully vaccinated (or at least will be in a few weeks) and that I barely have any pain in my left arm.


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