Resources For Learning Keyboard Shortcuts

What follows is a list of resources for learning keyboard shortcuts for a wide variety of programs.

Sight And Sound Technology: Recent Webinar Discussing Keyboard Shortcuts

Sharon Lyons is an employee of Sight and Sound Technology who loves keyboard shortcuts. A recent webinar from Sight and Sound features Sharon who shares some of her favorites.

Sharon’s Shortcuts

Sharon also has her own Web site. Not only does it offer lists of keyboard shortcuts but you can even sign up to receive a weekly email containing a new keyboard shortcut to learn about.

Keyxl Keyboard Shortcuts Database

Here’s a fairly comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts. It should be noted that one of the first links on this Web site specifically warns users of JAWS not to click the link with the enigmatic label “Jaws users do not click here.” When I first discovered this resource many years ago I clicked the link and then found the site to be totally unusable with my screen reader. When I tried it just now using the CCleaner browser nothing seemed to change. It should also be mentioned that Google Chrome warned me that the site was not private and that its security certificate had expired fifteen days ago as of this writing on 9/11/2021.

All hotkeys

Another source for providing lists of keyboard shortcuts.

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