Quick Tip: How to More Easily Access ACB Media Streams On An Alexa Device

Hello. Normally, if you want to play streams from ACB Media on an Alexa device you first need to open the ACB Media skill. Think of a skill being similar to an app on your smart phone or tablet. Because the name of the skill is ACB Media you would normally say, “Open ACB Media.” Alexa will verify that the ACB Media skill has been opened and will then ask you to choose a stream from 1 through 10. Once you specify a stream number, such as ACB Media 2, the stream starts. However, once you stop the stream you have to go through the same process all over again to play an ACB Media stream.

There is a way to slightly speed up this process. You can just ask Alexa to ask ACB Media to play a specific stream. For example, you could say, “ask ACB Media to play ACB Media 3.” You can shorten this even further by just asking for the number, such as “ask ACB Media to play 4.”

I hope this helps. Happy streaming.

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