Recommendation For The Victor Reader Trek and Stream Second-Generation Magnetic Charging Cable From Accessible Electronics

I just received my magnetic cable from Accessible Electronics and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

This particular cable is for the second-generation Victor Stream as well as for the Victor Reader Trek. It will also accommodate other devices using a Micro USB port. It is available in lengths of 3 or 6.5 feet and, on the surface, appears like a typical charging cable with a micro USB cable connector on one end and a typical USB A connector on the other which can be inserted either into an AC plug or a computer’s USB port. However, the micro USB connector is actually a magnet which can be separated from the rest of the cable. In other words once the cable is plugged into the Victor you can pull just the cable away from the connector. The small USB connector stays into the Stream and the cable easily snaps back into the magnetic connector when you’re ready to charge the unit or connect it to a computer to transfer files to and from the Victor.

The theory is that doing this places less wear and tear on the USB connector port of the unit as well as the cable itself.

First, the magnetic connector is very unobtrusive and still allows me to easily and fully close my Executive Products case with no difficulties. If anything plugging the cable into the magnetic connector is even easier while in the case than using a standard non-magnetic cable and the connection is, as I expected, completely reliable. Not to mention that the cable with the attached connector connects to the Victor with an extremely satisfying click unlike the former cable I was using which never seemed to do this. Now that I have this new cable and a carrying case from Executive Products I am a very happy Victor Trek user.

I should also say that Humanware currently sells this case for ten dollars less. The above link will take you to the United States store. Online stores for other regions are available. Go to and look for the relevant pull-down menu to select a different part of the world that applies to you.

I just recently acquired my Victor Reader Trek. I will be composing a more detailed post regarding my feelings about the device along with the carrying case from Executive Products. Overall, I primarily have positive feedback about it and I do not regret my purchase.

David Goldfield,

Blindness Assistive Technology Specialist

JAWS Certified, 2019

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One thought on “Recommendation For The Victor Reader Trek and Stream Second-Generation Magnetic Charging Cable From Accessible Electronics

  1. Eye 2 Eye have been using a magnetic charge cord for my Victor reader stream second generation and love it. Mine was purchased from Amazon, but I don’t recall the brand name.

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