A Bit About Leasey: Adding Extra Functionality to JAWS and Fusion

I wanted to call out a third party program which is used in conjunction with JAWS or Fusion which is called Leasey, which stands for Learn, Enable, Advance .. So Easy. Leasey is developed by Hartgen Consultancy, which also produces and sells other software packages as well as providing excellent training for users of JAWS and Fusion.

It contains over 50 features but it can be divided into two modules or components.

One component is called Leasey Basic. It is ideal for new or inexperienced computer users, users with cognitive-related disabilities or just someone who wants an easy, consistent, menu-driven interface for their computer. Instead of the desktop, start menu or task bar it uses a simple menu, read by a human voice. It also contains context-sensitive menus and a help system, also human narrated.

The other component is called Leasey Advanced, which is ideal for intermediate or power users. It contains a huge array of features. Some include:

Leasey Clips

These are like separate clipboards, with a total of twelve, which retain their information even after the computer has been restarted.

Leasey Texts

This allows you to save a list of text blocks which you can insert into a document, with the option of storing abbreviations to expand into your desired block.

Leasey Cuts

Allows you to store shortcuts for Web pages as well as to specific files and folders.

Leasey Alerts

If specific text appears on a particular Web page JAWS can immediately move focus to that text when the page loads. As an example, I have a Leasey alert set whenever the text “Search Results” appears on the Google Web site. This way, once I perform a search the JAWS virtual cursor immediately jumps to the beginning of the search results as soon as the results page loads.

Leasey Search

While we’re on the subject of searches this feature allows you to search a variety of different services without the need to first open a Web browser. I like to think of it as an extension of the Research It feature in JAWS. As an example, I can perform a search on Google, a TV database, a music database and many more sites.

Microsoft Word

Just a few features specific to Word include:

  • Hotkeys have been set up to move the cursor to the next, previous, first or last spelling error as well as the same for grammatical errors. This is very similar to a feature in Window-Eyes, which I personally requested for Leasey.
  • A modified user interface to work with the Microsoft Word spell checker.
  • A modified interface for performing search and replace.


Leasey Tags

The ability to tag any file in any folder for copying without needing to use the standard shift or control keys with arrow keys to select the file.


Leasey Radio

A radio tuner.

Leasey Diary

For keeping track of appointments.

Leasey Connect

a built-in address book

.. and a lot more.

The phrase “a lot more” cannot be emphasized enough. I have only mentioned just some of Leasey’s features.


I had nothing to do with the development of the software, short of suggesting some features which the developer graciously decided to add. I paid the full price for the software, receive no commission from any sales and am not affiliated with Hartgen Consultancy, which produces and sells the software. I’m just an enthusiastic Leasey user and wanted to get the word out about this amazing software.

Leasey must be used along with an activated copy of either JAWS or Fusion. This means that it does not function with other screen readers or without JAWS or Fusion running.

The Leasey Central Web site provides a complete list of features, short audio tutorials along with transcripts, detailed product demonstrations as well as links for downloading a trial version or for purchasing the software.


One thought on “A Bit About Leasey: Adding Extra Functionality to JAWS and Fusion

  1. I downloaded the trial version of Leasey Thursday morning, and had purchased the advanced package by Thursday night. I am so impressed with this program, and thank you for bringing it more to my attention.

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