Useful But Lesser Known iOS Apps: Next Phone Meeting of the Philadelphia Computer Users Group for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Many of us are very familiar with using VoiceOver on our IPhone, Ipad or iPod Touch devices. As we become more confident with using these devices we soon

hear about useful apps which are not only popular with sighted people but specialized apps which benefit visually impaired users, such as money identifiers

like Money Reader, apps for scanning text such as KNFB Reader and Seeing AI and apps for reading books with Voice Dream Reader or BARD. However, there

are plenty of lesser known apps which some of you may find just as interesting or useful. These apps may not be generating the latest discussion on the blindness lists but you may find them just as useful and interesting.

This will be the subject of our next phone meeting, scheduled for Friday, November 30 at 8:00 PM. Our guest presenter will be Glenda Such, who has been

working in the assistive technology field for over thirty years. In the 1990s she was a manager with AbiliTech’s assistive technology department, which is how I came to know her and, eventually, worked for her for several years. Glenda is a passionate iPhone user who has evaluated hundreds of apps and

is eager to share her knowledge with you, as well as answering your questions.

As an example, she will tell you about an app which can turn your iPhone into a distance magnifier, allowing a low vision user to point a camera at an

object and to have that object enlarged for easier viewing. You may have heard of apps to recognize your money but are you interested in an app which can recognize different types of plants or flowers, such as its name, where it came from, its life cycle, and even a description about the appearance of its

overall shape, bark, leaves, pedals and seeds. Are you interested in finding out about an app that turns your iPhone into a fax machine? How about apps which give time announcements, other than the typical Westminster chimes that you might regularly encounter? How about an app which lets you know how fast

you’re traveling? Are you interested in apps which can translate from one language to another, including an app which will let you scan something in one

language and have the text translated into another language? How about a couple of apps for saving on items in stores as well as getting free products?

Glenda will tell you about them!!

To participate, the number to call is (712) 432-3900. When prompted for an access code, enter


391 477


followed by the pound key.

2 thoughts on “Useful But Lesser Known iOS Apps: Next Phone Meeting of the Philadelphia Computer Users Group for the Blind and Visually Impaired

  1. Hi David,

    Wondering if it is possible to get the recording of the meeting? I would love to know the name of some of the app that you spoke about in your message.

    If I can get a copy of the names of the apps, or the recording of the meeting, that would be great!

    Thanks! Eddie Montanez

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