Some Memories of Fred Noesner

I am sad to report of the recent death of Fred Noesner, who passed away on May 30. Many visually impaired consumers in Philadelphia may have remembered Fred as he worked for Associated Services for the Blind for many, many years. I believe he provided Optacon training in the 1970s and was known for starting Sense-Sations, a store located within the first floor of the agency selling both high-tech as well as lots of low-tech equipment. Fred was later transferred to many other departments within the agency and, for about a year was my supervisor when I first started at ASB’s computer technology center. Most of my memories of Fred, however, were when I wanted to buy adaptive products at the store, such as Braille paper, talking clocks or a replacement cane. Fred knew how to repair canes as well and this was always a welcome service, as all of us have had the experience of having our canes bent or otherwise damaged as a result of regular travel. He also wrote a book, a work of fiction called Fortunate Son, which I admit I have not yet read but it is available through NLS. Years after leaving ASB he worked for a while at an adaptive equipment store in Delaware and was a member of the Delaware Council of the Blind. He contributed years of service to the blindness community and I know that he will be greatly missed.
Here is a link to his obituary.

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