Why I Voted for Donald Trump

I do acknowledge that, in our society, asking a person who they voted for is considered to be an inappropriate question. We feel that the question is intrusive and way too personal. Voting, for many of us, is a private matter. Who we vote for is nobody else’s business, we say. I respect that perspective and I don’t plan on asking anyone who they’re voting for in this year’s election. However, while it may be inappropriate to some for me to ask that question, I do have the right to say who I voted for. People are free to agree or disagree and I expect both sets of responses and that’s fine. For me, this election is too important for me to consider my vote to be personal and nobody else’s business. The actions of our next President will affect all of us, whether you voted for that individual or not. Therefore, who I voted for is certainly very much your business and I have no reservations about sharing this information within the context of my blog.

Since I’ve already stated that this is not a personal issue for me, many of you will no doubt want to know why I voted for Donald Trump. Is it because I think the man is the best candidate we’ve ever had? The honest answer is that there’s a lot about him that I don’t like. There are so many things about him which I feel are very troubling. In light of these imperfections, why did I vote for him?

I voted for him because I believe he’ll do more good for our country than Hillary Clinton. The man is far from perfect. However, when we vote for a candidate, we’re not voting for someone without any imperfections or character flaws. If those are the qualifications to hold political office then none of us are qualified. We’re not voting for someone we’d like as our best friend or someone we’d most like to hang out with after work. We’re not voting for the next Pope or the next Mother Teresa. We’re voting for someone who is likely to adopt the best policies to advance the common good for all citizens of this great country.

For me, abortion is the most important issue that I consider when choosing which candidate gets my vote. I am hardly a single issue voter. There are many issues which are important to me: the legalization of euthanasia, the harm that same sex unions are doing to our country, the threat of groups like IS, affordable health care, ensuring a fair and just wage for our workers, etc. However, if we get the issue of how we treat the unborn wrong then we potentially get everything wrong, since the legalization of abortion is such a blatant disregard for human life. If a politician promised to increase jobs, implement affordable health care and lower taxes but felt that it should be legal to enslave African Americans nobody would vote for him, regardless of how sound his other policies might be. Abortion, the legalized killing of preborn, innocent human beings, is surely the slavery of our time.

When I vote, I have to consider which candidate will do more to fight for the lives of the unborn. Which candidate will do more to save those innocent lives? If more lives will likely be saved due to the choices of one candidate over another, then that candidate will get my vote.

Abortion does more harm than any of us can possibly imagine, not only by killing the child and by harming the mother but the harm extends to all of us, because the child who was killed will never have the right to choose what contributions he or she will make to our society. How many medical treatments and cures for diseases have been denied us due to the fact that the person who might have discovered them was never allowed to be born, all in the name of choice. It amazes me when people with disabilities support abortion. I can’t help but wonder how the quality of our lives as people with disabilities would be improved even more had our culture not made the killing of the unborn legal? What types of technologies might we have had? What types of medical treatments might exist to give sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf and mobility to those in wheelchairs? Abortion not only takes a life but it means that everybody who that life would have touched or inspired will be denied that opportunity. That person, now murdered, will never have the choice to inspire someone else to commit an act or make a choice which might literally change our world. We haven’t even begun to think of the children that person might have, and the choices they could have made and how those choices may affect so many of us. I submit to you that, due to abortion, we are living in a barren and diminished world.

At this point, I would like to say that I, in no way, mean to cast judgment on women who may be reading this who may have had an abortion. I don’t blame you. Women who had an abortion did so because of pressure. They were told that they had to do it or they would face consequences. People would say things such as “if you don’t do it I’ll leave you” or “you’ll never be able to afford raising a child” or “if you don’t do it I’ll throw you out.” They did it because they felt they had no choice, pressured by misguided people who call themselves “pro-choice.” If you’re a woman who has had an abortion, I would encourage you to visit Rachel’s Vineyard, a confidential and non-judgmental organization with the goal of helping men and women struggling with the effects of abortion.

Donald Trump is far from an ideal candidate. However, he is not only pro-life but he has promised to place judges on the bench of the Supreme Court who are known to be pro-life. A President will only be in office for 4-8 years but the judges who sit on that bench could be with us for decades and their decisions will have long-lasting repercussions on our country.

The following article will provide more information concerning this topic and, to be honest, explains it better than I ever could.

In closing, I would ask that, if you feel a need to comment on this post, that you do so charitably, even if you disagree with my views. People who know me will know that I am able to discuss these topics with people who believe differently than I do and I try to do so with charity. I would ask that you do the same.


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