Rumola/Great Captcha Solver for Firefox/Chrome/Safari

We’ve all encountered a form on a Web page where we land on an edit box and we are then asked to type the letters, numbers or words which appear in the box. This is done to prove that you’re a human being as some Web sites don’t want automated computers setting up tons of accounts automatically. However, it’s a bit more complicated if the human being happens to be visually impaired. The reason is that the characters are graphical images and not actual text, which means that your screen reader can’t recognize it. If you’re lucky, the page might contain an audio challenge but sometimes solving these challenges are difficult and they are not helpful to deaf-blind users.
For years, I’ve been able to solve this problem by using the Webvisum add-on for Firefox. This add-on is still available and is free of charge. However, a few years ago the Webvisum site was hacked and I’ve not seen a new version of the add-on in years, which gives me the impression that the software may be abandoned and using it makes me a bit nervous. Btw, if someone can provide me with reasonable evidence to show that the Webvisum addon is still being maintained I am more than willing to resume using and recommending it. I recently discovered another addon called Rumola, available at
In some ways, this addon is similar and even better in that it automatically solves and fills in the captchas for you as soon as you begin filling out the form. I’m not kidding. Start filling out a form and Rumola, if you enable its own speech output, informs you that a captcha has been detected. In around fifteen or twenty seconds or so, it will then tell you that the captcha has been solved and the characters are conveniently placed in the appropriate edit box.
Its one disadvantage: it’s not entirely free. While you get five free attempts at solving captchas, you have to purchase additional credits if you want to continue solving more captchas. However, the fees are reasonable, as you can spend around two dollars to solve around 150 captchas. I don’t know if the reference on their Web site to Safari apply for the Mac version and I am assuming that this does not, at least in iOS 8, apply to the iOS version. Sorry, this addon doesn’t seem to be available for Internet Explorer. This addon has definitely won me over!!

3 thoughts on “Rumola/Great Captcha Solver for Firefox/Chrome/Safari

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  2. Hello!
    Not sure if you read this but we’ve developed a better extension for Chrome and Firefox than Rumola. It’s called “AntiCaptcha automatic captcha solver” and here is the website where you can find info about it and download it .
    Benefits are:
    1) It does solve Recaptcha 2 (I’m not a robot captcha) as well as regular image captchas;
    2) It’s almost ten times cheaper than Rumola. 1,2 $ for regular image captchas and 2-3$ for Recaptcha;
    3) It has functional similar to WebVisum. When you press CTRL+SHIFT+6 being on input field it finds a closest CAPTCHA and automatically solves it;
    4) It has sound notifications;
    5) We communicate with visually impaired and blind people and follow their needs to make our product better!

    And you can try it for free now. If you install it in Chrome you’ll get 5 free captchas.

    P.S. Of course there is a lot of things to do to make out product perfect but we are trying to do our best!

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