Please Sign the Petition to Allow Sister Diana Momenka, a Persecuted Iraqi Christian, to Visit the United States

Sister Diana Momenka is an Iraqi Christian. She lived in the city of Bhakdida, which was invaded by the Islamic State last August. Sister Diana was faced with several choices at that point. She could convert to Islam, pay an extra tax or flee. She fled and now lives elsewhere. She was planning on visiting the United States to speak to Congress, along with several other groups, to let them know what life is like for religious minorities in Iraq. The State Department has denied her request. You can read this article to learn more about her situation.
I looked for an online petition urging the State Department to reconsider this decision but I found none. I decided to create one on the We the People section of the White House web site. Please sign this petition. It requires 150 signatures in order for the petition to become visible to others on the site. It also needs 100,000 signatures in order for the White House to even review it.
Many thanks.


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