Happy Easter. Christ is Risen!

Happy Easter. Christ is risen. I mean really and truly risen. Please don’t let some liberal theologian or pastor confuse you by telling you that the resurrection was figurative, allegorical or some sort of spiritual event. Don’t let your faith be shaken when someone tries to tell you that it didn’t really happen that way. Give me a break. It would take too much faith for me to believe it was just an allegory. If you really look at the historical accounts that we have, a physical resurrection is the only thing that makes sense.
Here’s a wonderful and thorough piece of writing discussing the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ physically rose from the dead. Nobody else did it and nobody even claimed that he could or promised that he would. Only Christ. So, when people say “Christ is risen” it means that he has truly risen from the tomb. Jesus is Lord!!!!


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