iOS Updates Galore

In the past week, a ton of iOS apps have been updated. Many of these apps are either useful or at least relevant to visually impaired users. On my iPhone, the list of updated apps includes Voice Dream Reader, Blindsquare, MBraille, Verbum Catholic Bible, Google, Google News and Weather, Mapquest, the Pope App, Camfind, Pastime Audio Books, Radio 5 Live, Tunein Radio, Philly News and the My Verizon app.
One of the concerns I had was with the Google app, which has been redesigned. Unfortunately, visually impaired users have often discovered that a redesigned app means an inaccessible app but my quick test seems to indicate that Google has no obvious access issues. However, I only used it briefly and it’s not an app I use and so there may be issues I haven’t noticed.
Blindsquare fixes some issues when using the app in simulation mode and some bugs have been fixed for iPad users running iOS 8.
I’m always happy to receive updates for Voice Dream Reader, as I regularly use this app for reading Bookshare content.
As always, these updates are free and should be sent to your phone automatically. However, you can always visit the App Store app and go to the Updates tab to see which of your apps have been updated. If any pending updates are waiting for you, you can update any of your apps from this location as well.


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