iPhone Tip: Turn Your Phone Into a Full Scientific Calculator

Did you know that your iPhone comes with a scientific calculator? Don’t feel badly if you didn’t: neither did I and the feature isn’t obvious.
The iPhone comes with a calculator which, on the surface, (am I allowed to use that phrase while discussing an Apple product), seems pretty basic. It’s your typical, four-function calculator. However, turn your phone so that it’s in landscape mode and lots of scientific functions will appear, such as pi, tangent, sine, etc. You may have to go into the control center and disable your orientation lock to get it to work but once you do this you will have a very nice scientific calculator at your disposal.
This is also applicable for the iPod Touch. For whatever reason, the built-in calculator app does not come preinstalled on an iPad and so users of that device will have to install a third-party app from the app store. Happy calculating!


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