Malware Bytes/Triumphs and struggles

First, I’d like to report that I had a major aha moment regarding the user interface of Malwarebytes Anti-malware, which caused me to see that the UI is, in fact, nearly 100% accessible. Here is what I’ve discovered.
Once I open the program, I find that it may be necessary to press the tab key one time to move to the beginning of the items contained within the program. The first thing you will likely hear is something like “dashboard button checked, overview of application status.” From what I can tell, this is not so much a button as it is a tab control, similar to what you encounter in most multi-page dialog boxes, such as the options dialog within My Computer or in Internet Explorer. At this point, if you press the tab key, you will find options which pertain to the program’s dashboard. However, from the dashboard tab press the right arrow and you will hear something like “scan button checked, scans your computer for threats enter.” At this point, pressing the tab key will take you to various options relevant to scanning your computer. This is similar to the items in Microsoft Security Essentials which are spoken by screen readers as buttons but which are really the equivalent of tabs. If I am correct about this, then the Malwarebytes developers could make the program’s UI a bit more obvious for screen reader users by replacing the word “button” with the word “tab”, such as “dashboard tab, scan tab, settings tab, etc. I may not have time to contact them today but I will make a point of doing so sometime in the next few weeks or so.
Here is where I ran into problems. I should say, at this point, that what I’m about to report has nothing to do with accessibility but more with overall reliability. Yesterday, while running MB from my slightly restricted owner account, the program crashed right after performing its scan, telling me that the program has stopped working. I logged off and logged on to my administrator account, ran the program and encountered the same issue. In fact, it even crashed right after choosing the option to perform an update of the malware definitions. I was able to locate a Malwarebytes removal tool which I ran. It removed the program quickly and asked me if I wanted to restart. I said yes, logged back onto my admin account and reinstalled the program.
Once I did this, I had ever so slightly better but still problematic results. After performing a scan, the program did not crash and allowed me to view log results. I chose this option, copied the log onto my clipboard, viewed the results in Jarte, closed Jarte and then encountered the same “Malwarebytes has stopped working” message. I closed MB, restarted it still as an administrator, this time going into settings and enabling rootkit scanning. The scan completed, I opened the log viewing options, copied the log to my clipboard but this time did not go into Jarte right away but instead just exited the log viewer and was able to close the program properly with no crashes. I don’t think the fact that I didn’t open Jarte while MB was still running is a factor in whether it will crash and, btw, the scan log showed that my system is totally clean.
I’m going to take a Malwarebytes break for the time being and do a few other more important and fun things, such as eating some leftover pizza for breakfast and getting caught up on laundry. However, I wanted to compose this report to keep all of you apprised on what I’ve discovered about the UI of this program. If any of you have had similar or different experiences using Malwarebytes anti-malware, I’d love to hear your reports in the comments section.


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