Tip/voice Dictation on Apple Devices for Voiceover Users

Whether you use a Mac or an iOS device, you can pretty much use your voice to enter text anywhere there’s an edit field. I’m not talking about Siri but am referring to any apps where you have an area that lets you enter text. Examples might be using the Messages app to send a text message, the Notes app to write a note or the Pages app to compose more elaborate documents. If you’re a Voiceover user using an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, do a two-finger double-tap whenever you’re actually focused on a text field. It’s very important to know that you need to be actually on the text area, ready to write. When you swipe to the right to move from one item on the screen to the next one, you will eventually hear “text field, double-tap to edit.” Double-tap with one finger first to activate the text field. If you do this, the text field is active, ready to receive input, either from the built-in keyboard, a Bluetooth keyboard or, in this case, from your voice. When you know you’re in a text field, do the two-finger double-tap, which activates the microphone. Once you do this, you’ll hear a tone, similar to what you hear when you hold down the home button to activate Siri. This tone plays at a low volume, so it may be difficult to hear if you’re on a loud bus or train. Once you hear the tone, speak naturally, using appropriate punctuation. Here’s an example
Hi comma John period how are you doing question mark I’ll see you later tonight period
Once you’re done dictating, double tap with two fingers and you’ll hear a higher-pitched tone, indicating that the microphone is turned off.
On a Mac, pressing the FN key twice activates the microphone for voice dictation. Pressing it again just once turns the mike off. Happy dictating!!


One thought on “Tip/voice Dictation on Apple Devices for Voiceover Users

  1. Hi David. I tried this with my old iPhone 4 and didn’t have any success. Grr, I guess I’ll have to upgrade one day.

    Thx, Albert

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