MalwareBytes/Take Two

OK, I gave Malwarebytes a second try and I have to admit I’m warming up to it, as it is behaving a bit more consistently than it did during my last attempts. This may be due to which account I’m running it from. Last night, I ran it from my administrator account and not from my regular account, the latter only giving me standard user privileges. On my computer, my regular account, which I use for daily tasks such as email and web surfing, only provides me with standard access, whereas my admin account, which I use for installing, uninstalling and performing system maintenance provides full administrator access. This was a change I made recently to improve security and is really something I should have done last December when I first acquired this computer. It’s generally good practice to lock down the access granted by your main user account and having an administrator account for system maintenance.
Anyway, I ran Malwarebytes from my administrator account and the program is, as I said, behaving a bit better. It still says “border” a few times after tabbing to each button with NVDA, an annoyance I did not notice with JAWS. with my admin account, I was able to press the enter key on the “settings” button and, after a few presses of the tab key, could actually access settings. The actual scan was surprisingly quick, faster than what I remember with version 1.75. While the results of the scan did not appear to be accessible from within the program, at least with NVDA, they had a rather nifty option which allows you to copy the results to your clipboard. I did this and could then open up Jarte, a program I use for casual word processing, and could then paste the results into the program’s editor to freely read. While this is an extra few steps, it does give us an easy way to read the scan log to determine whether any malware was detected.
there is still a lot about the program which I need to learn and I will suggest some changes to the developers, once I get a handle on exactly what tweeks need to be made. However, it was nice to be able to use a current version of MB with at least a more than reasonable amount of accessibility … and the program didn’t lock up as it did during my first attempt to use it. If anyone is having some issues running Malwarebytes, try running it as an administrator and see if your experience improves.


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