Introduction to New Readers and Followers Of My Blog

Most bloggers tend to write an introductory message when they first begin their blogs. However, I don’t always do things in a predictable way and so I’m going to write a brief introductory post, even though I’ve had this blog up now for around three months.
I also see that I have several new readers as well as followers and wanted to write to all of you to thank you for choosing to visit and follow my blog. Like all of us, your time is extremely valuable and there are plenty of things you could be doing beside reading my thoughts and I appreciate that you feel my ramblings are worth an investment in your valuable time.
First, if you’d like a general sense of who I am, feel free to visit my Web site, which will provide some links with additional background material about my professional work as well as my personal interests.
As my time allows, I’ll be expanding the site with additional links.
The purpose of my blog is to share my views on issues which are of interest to me. Some posts will cover assistive technology including new products, updates and services. They may be informational or, in some cases, my opinions about the industry. I’ve been working in the field since 1991 and I’ve been playing with this technology since 1987 and so I’ve been following this industry for quite some time and I definitely have opinions as to where it’s going, what it’s doing well and ways in which it could improve.
As I’m a practicing Catholic, I also will write some posts covering my journey. My Catholic life is the most important part of who I am and sometimes I feel the urge to write about my walk with Jesus Christ. I’m aware that some readers might prefer that I maintain two blogs, one covering my personal life and interests and the other covering my professional work. I’ve considered doing this but decided against it, as both technology and Catholicism are important to me and, while I don’t use the workplace as a platform for religious preaching, neither do I leave my faith at the door. My Catholicism ensures that I work with honesty, passion and integrity.
I also enjoy reading. I read a combination of fiction and nonfiction, with science fiction being one of my favorite genres. Lately, I’ve been on a Star Trek kick and am enjoying many of the novels from Bookshare. If I feel moved to do so, I may even compose a post or two about science fiction.
Again, I would sincerely like to thank all of you for taking the time to visit and, in some cases, follow my blog via email. I’d love to send you an “I’m following David Goldfield’s blog” T-shirt but perhaps that’s not such a great idea. I hope you enjoy my posts and, whether you agree with them or not, I would love to receive your feedback, either as a public comment or as a private email. God bless you.


Please feel free to leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you.

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