Various Assistive and Mainstream Tech News

First, Apple has released version 10.9.3 of Mavericks, the latest operating system for the Mac. While I don’t see any references to Voiceover improvements, one addition which may be of interest to some users is that you now have the ability to sync contacts and calendars between a Mac and an iOS device with a USB cable. This link will take you to Apple’s page with info on what’s been added in this update. I’ll be sure to update the iMac in my classroom when I return to work next week.
Update: There is also a new version of Safari and version 11.2 of iTunes has also been released, with enhancements for the podcasting capabilities. The Podcasts app for iOs has also been updated to version 2.1.

Also, GW Micro (they’re still calling themselves GW Micro) has been busy this week. They released a tutorial on opening and saving attachments using Microsoft Outlook 2013 with Window-eyes. They’re also conducting a webinar covering part 2 of using Window-eyes with Microsoft Word 2013. Even if you’re not a Window-eyes user, the webinars could be of interest if you’re curious as to the behavior and performance in this latest version of word.


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