To All Mothers/Thank You For Saying Yes to Life

Mothers should be one of the most honored and respected groups of people on our planet. They certainly have my deepest honor and respect, my own mom being first and foremost in that category, along with the Virgin Mary, of course, who is the mother of all Christians. Mothers have made a choice which will have eternal consequences, that being saying yes to life. It’s an honorable choice but not always an easy one, especially in our culture where motherhood is looked down upon and is often considered a curse, rather than a blessing. I would like to thank my mother, as well as all mothers who are reading this post, for your service to your family and particularly to your children. Every day, you are on the front lines of battle. We often take for granted the amazing work you do for your children but I applaud you for your hard work. I pray that there is a special reward in heaven for all of your sleepless nights, numerous diaper changes, caring for your sick child, cooked dinners, washed dishes, cleaned clothes and everything else you have done and continue to do for your children.
I would also like to take this opportunity to publicly thank my own mother for all she has done and for all that she continues to do for me. Giving birth to a blind child in the 1960’s was a lot different than it is now. My parents didn’t have the resources we have today but I was not treated any differently than she would have treated me had I been born totally sighted. I was given the same opportunities that would be given to any kid in my generation. My mom made sure I was up every weekday morning to be ready for school with breakfast and a packed lunch. She made dinners for us every night except for when we went to a restaurant. She gave me my love for pasta. She, along with my father, made sure I had not only a good secular education but a good religious one as well, sending me to Hebrew school for five years to prepare for my Bar Mitzvah ceremony. She was always supportive of my musical pursuits and always encouraged me to keep playing the piano. She was kind and courteous to all of my friends and girlfriends and even liked most of them. She also graciously accepts my choice to become a Catholic. In short, she’s a great Jewish mother and I wouldn’t ask for a different one because, for me, there is no better choice. Thank you, Mom, and to all mothers for the service and sacrifices you make for your children. Happy Mother’s Day!!


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