Please, Please Pray For The Kidnapped Girls in Nigeria

I am not simply asking but am begging all of my readers to pray for the 223 kidnapped girls in Nigeria.
The leader of Boko Harram, the group which kidnapped them on April 14, made it clear on a recently released video that he would sell them on the open market. This situation makes me so furious that I can’t even go into everything that I’m feeling in this blog, as nothing good will come from it. Suffice it to say that I know, based on my studies of similar situations in the past, that the statements from these mentally ill degenerates are not idle threats. Barring divine intervention, they will likely show no mercy. These innocent human beings are someone’s sister, cousin and daughter and yet they will likely be violated, sold on the open market and will be treated with less respect than I would treat my pets. Please, pray for their release. I pray that even one of them might be able to escape from this situation; it’s not impossible. I pray that God would move some of their captors to show them some mercy and compassion. I pray that our Lord might allow the Blessed Virgin to visit these girls, to personally appear before them and reassure them of God’s love for them. I pray that God will forgive any sins committed by these innocents, even if they curse Him and believe He has abandoned them. I pray that they will be given special protection. I pray they won’t be raped. I pray that legions of angels would be sent to assist and protect them.
Please offer prayers for these girls. If you can, please offer fasts for them. If there are any priests reading this post, please celebrate Masses for their release, if canon law permits you to do so. Please make sacrifices for them. Please offer anything you can, united with Christ, for the release of these girls. Please, do not forget them. They may feel they have been abandoned. Remember them in your prayers. Pray rosaries for them. Offer Divine Mercy chaplets for them. Please, do not forget them.


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