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Readers of my blog know that I don’t tend to write about just one topic. This may be nice for those who want to know more about my interests and it may be frustrating for other people, such as those who just want to read about my thoughts on assistive technology but who also run into posts about my life as a Catholic. I have made the choice to have my blog posts automatically published on LinkedIn and Facebook for my connections to read, if they choose to do so. Before I made that decision, I had to evaluate whether having my blog posts being published on LinkedIn might actually be a benefit for me or a hindrance, particularly for my LinkedIn connections. After all, the purpose of LinkedIN is for professional networking. Blogging about technology would fit in quite nicely, as I’m in the technology field and the majority of my connections are also professionals in that field as well. Is it possible that a post where I discuss Catholicism or other issues such as abortion or embryonic stem cell research might prove problematic or even offensive to some of my readers who don’t share my views? I’m forced to admit this is a possibility. Might an individual thinking of hiring me or seeking me out to provide professional services change his mind after reading some of my posts which have nothing to do with technology? I’ve done some thinking about these questions but I’ve decided that it’s worth the risk. The fact that I am a practicing Catholic and that I take my faith seriously means that I possess honesty, integrity and that I always try to produce work of the highest quality. Don’t get me wrong: I’m far from perfect, which is yet another reason for why I need Jesus Christ and the sacraments as much as I do. It is because of my faith and service to Christ, however, which makes me want to do the very best that I can do, even in the workplace and even if my work has nothing to do with Catholic apologetics. If a potential employer or contractor decides not to hire me because I am a practicing Catholic with pro-life beliefs, I’d rather not work for him, anyway.
I also considered managing two blogs, one covering my professional work and the other discussing my personal views and interests. That would certainly ensure that my LinkedIn connections only see my professional posts and that my Facebook friends only see my personal ones. Many would agree that there is a certain wisdom in doing this but I’ve decided to put everything in one blog. Although my professional work doesn’t involve Catholic theology, I don’t leave my faith at the door when I go to work and put it back on when I leave. While I don’t actively discuss it with my students or with most of my coworkers, my faith should be a part of everything that I do, even when I’m teaching a student how to print a document.
Having said all of that, my blog posts up until now have covered either my journey as a Catholic or my reports and views on assistive as well as mainstream technology. This particular post is a combination of the two.
As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I recently acquired an iPhone. I wouldn’t say that I know everything about it but I have learned a great deal since I activated it this past Easter and I am becoming a confident and competent user of this amazing device. A friend of mine recently recommended an app named Laudate, which is free and which can be purchased in the app store. I took her advice and found the app to be amazing. It includes just about everything a Catholic would want. It includes both the Douay Reims as well as the New American bible, the Catechism, rosary, Divine Mercy chaplet and many other resources. For my visually impaired readers, it seems to be 100% accessible with the Voiceover screen reader.
A version for Android is also available, which my wife downloaded on her Motorola phone and was also pleased with it.
while I was in the app store, I searched for other Catholic apps and downloaded a bunch of them including the apps to listen to Radio Maria and AveMaria Radio. I was amazed that the apps also contained a podcasts tab, which allowed you to listen to recordings of recently aired shows. I’m aware that I can do this with my windows computer. In fact, I often download recent episodes of Catholic answers Live but the iPhone makes it so much easier, as well as much more portable. There’s nothing to download; just tap and listen.
I’d be interested in hearing from some of you with recommendations for Catholic apps that you use on your iPhone, particularly when it comes to Catholic audio and radio feeds.


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