Now available/Copy Of My Guest Appearance on “Salvation Is From the Jews” on Radio Maria

If anyone would like to listen to it, an mp3 recording of the April 26, 2014 edition of “Salvation Is From the Jews” is now available on Radio Maria’s Web site. I had the great pleasure and honor of being a guest on Roy Schoeman’s program. I discussed my conversion story of how I became a Catholic, starting out being born Jewish into a Jewish family, slowly embracing Protestantism and finally becoming a Catholic, a fulfilled Jew, in April of 2007. As I honestly can’t bear to listen to the sound of my own voice, I seriously doubt I’ll be downloading the program but any of you who can stand listening to me for an hour are free to do so. Roy was a great interviewer and is himself a Jewish convert to the Catholic church.
Feel free to visit his Web site, where you can learn more about his books as well as being able to listen to many of his talks, where he discusses and celebrates the Jewish roots of Catholicism.
For my print-disabled readers, his first book, “Salvation Is From the Jews” is available from Learning Ally.


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