Bug in Siri’s Matter Transporter

Most people think that the matter transporter only exists in science fiction programs like Star Trek. Not so. Today, I gave Siri the command “beam me up, Scotty.” To my surprise, the voice assistant responded by saying “energizing.” However, nothing happened. I wasn’t transported out of my classroom onto the Enterprise. Actually, I’d have been happy to have been beamed aboard any Federation starship but there was no transporter beam. I sincerely hope this bug has been corrected in the 7.1.1 update of iOS.
Update:: My wife gave me an insight into why it didn’t work. I wasn’t wearing my combadge so Siri couldn’t lock on to my signal. I should have thought of that. So, now I have to go to the Apple store or some sort of electronics supplier and hope I can find a Federation issue combadge. I wonder if people sell them on Ebay. Here I thought I had all of the accessories I needed for this phone and now I have to buy yet one more thing. You just can’t win for losing.


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