I Have a Working, Activated iPhone! Do I Hear a Woo-Hoo!!

Yes, it’s finally happened. I am now the proud and happy owner of an iPhone 5C.
The iPhone actually arrived this past Thursday but we weren’t home and Fedex wasn’t able to deliver it without a person to sign for the package. We placed a note along with a signature on our door in case they arrived the next day without us being available, which we felt was quite possible as my wife and I were going to attend the Good Friday liturgy as well as Stations of the Cross later that evening. Fedex arrived on Friday morning and so we were both there to receive the package. If it had been any other day, I’d have torn open the box, gone through the contents and activated the phone as soon as the box passed from our doorway into our home. However, since it’s Holy Week and Good Friday in particular, I didn’t want to be distracted by a new piece of technology. I’d been waiting for this phone for quite some time and waiting a few more days wasn’t going to do me any harm. I was quite excited but in a calm, subdued way.
I decided to wait until after the beginning of Easter to open and set up my new phone and that’s exactly what I did. Today, my wife and I examined everything that came in the box: the phone, USB cable, etc. and prior to that I had gone online to read up on how to activate the iPhone. I was able to do one of the steps prior to getting everything opened, namely calling a special number where you enter your mobile phone number and account password to actually activate the phone and this was done successfully.
When my wife began the initial setup process upon turning on the phone, I wanted to see if I could activate Voiceover and attempt the activation myself. I pressed the home button and hoped I would hear the familiar tones, indicating that Siri was waiting for a voice command but I heard nothing. If Voiceover can be used during the activation process, it certainly wasn’t possible to enable it via giving commands to Siri and I found this a bit disappointing and I hope that Apple will add a way to allow a blind person to go through the activation process with speech.
Anyway, my wife took over and the rest of the activation went smoothly, the phone receiving my Apple ID info, Wifi password, etc. and I am now officially up and running. I am looking forward to learning more about iOS, the iPhone and the many apps which I can and want to use with it. I’ll blog more about my experiences as I learn more. For now, I’m going to download Lisa Salinger’s tutorial and learn as much as I can from it, even though I know it wasn’t recorded for iOS 7.1. In addition, I’ll be making regular stops to Applevis, which contains tons of tutorials and podcasts covering iOS.
Update: I just saw that Applevis has a podcast covering setting up the iPhone 5C with Voiceover. Who knew?
Well, I’m downloading a ton of podcasts from the site and plan to make my way through them as soon as possible.


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