I Get a Lot of Reading Done when I’m Sick

Truth be told, I try to get a lot of reading done when I’m well. However, being sick means that I’m literally down for a few days and I’m somewhat limited as to what activities I do and can perform. Reading, particularly audio books, is therefore a fairly easy process as the only activity I have to do is to turn on a player of some sort, lie down and listen.
This past Thursday, I was hit with an unexpected stomach bug. I’m not planning to go into detail as to my actual illness and there’s really not much to report. The worst of it left me by Friday morning but I was pretty weak for most of the weekend and it wasn’t until today that my appetite is almost back to normal, which may or may not be such a good thing.
Anyway, as my subject line indicates I got a good deal of reading done and wanted to share what I’m reading in case it might be of interest to any of you.
First, I read nearly all of Rome, Sweet Home by Scott and Kimberly Hahn. I’ve been familiar with Dr. Scott Hahn since the late 1990’s when I acquired many of his recordings from a dear friend of mine. Dr. Hahn is a convert to the Catholic church from Presbyterianism. In fact, he was a former Presbyterian minister. He and his wife both attended seminary and planned to live a happy, married life as pastor and pastor’s wife. They were deeply in love with not only each other but were also in love with the Lord as well as the Bible. Over time, Scott began to see that there were holes in his Protestant beliefs which he could not seem to fill, including the belief in Sola Scriptura, which states that the Bible alone is our sole authority. Dr. Hahn couldn’t seem to find anything in the Bible which supported this position. The above link will take you to a blog post from Catholic convert Tim Staples, discussing this particular issue in more detail. Getting back to Rome, Sweet Home, The book describes Scott Hahn’s slow but sure conversion to the Catholic church as well as Kimberly’s pain and despair when her husband finally joined the church in 1986. Kimberly joined the church four years later, and her journey is also described in her own words. It’s a wonderful book. It’s available not only from amazon’s Kindle store but also from the Xavier society for the Blind.

Next, I read a bit more of “Salvation is from the Jews: The Role of Judaism in Salvation History by Roy H. Schoeman, which I’ve been reading for some time. Like me, Roy is a Jewish convert to Catholicism and this book, as the subtitle suggests, talks about the role of the Jewish people in salvation history. Being Jewish, I’m always interested in deepening my understanding and appreciation for my own Jewish heritage as well as for the Catholic church. It’s available from Learning Ally.
I also started reading Jesus of Nazareth Part Two, Holy Week: From the Entrance Into Jerusalem To The Resurrection
which was written by Pope Benedict XVI. I wanted to read more about the events recorded in Scripture covering our Lord’s entrance into Jerusalem as well as his passion, death and resurrection. In addition to being available from Learning ally, readers with print disabilities can acquire it from Bookshare or from NLS.

Finally, I read a bit of Fulton J. Sheen’s Life of Christ. I’ve heard this book took Archbishop Sheen ten years to write and I can believe it. It is an amazing biography of Christ and yet it’s far more than just a historical work. It is written in a simple, easy-to-read style and yet it will provide deep insights into the life of Christ that you may not have realized. Please, do yourself a favor and acquire this book.
For readers with print disabilities, the book is available on Bookshare.

If you decide to read any of these books, I hope they’ll be as much of a blessing to you as they have been to me. God love you.


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