April 7, 2007/Another big anniversary For Me

Tomorrow is another big anniversary for me that I wanted to share with my readers. On April 7, 2007 I was officially received into the Catholic church during the easter vigil mass. As I wrote about in an earlier blog post, I made the decision to become a catholic three years earlier. However, I had been previously married and needed to request and receive an annulment from the church before I could receive the sacraments. There is a great deal of misunderstanding about annulments and I may write about this topic at some future time. Suffice it to say that my annulment was granted on September 29, the feast day of Saints Michael, Gabriel and Rafael in 2006. I was taking instruction in an rcia program, which stands for the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. This is a series of classes which provides instruction for adults wishing to be fully received into the Catholic church. The Easter Vigil Mass was one of the most exciting and amazing days of my life. I had the privilege of receiving three sacraments during that Mass: baptism, confirmation and my first holy communion. Although I had been a Protestant for many years, I had never been baptized. I plan on writing a much longer essay, detailing my conversion from Judaism to Protestantism and finally to the Catholic church. I’ll have more to say about that night during that post but I wanted to write a quick note just to share my joy at this upcoming anniversary. Praise be to my Lord Jesus Christ who gave me the grace to become a Catholic.


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